No. 2005. Junkers Ju 290 A-7 (c/n 290110165) "Alles Kaputt"
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 3668

Junkers Ju 290 A-7

Remarks by Chris Pinn: "This aircraft was build as a Ju 290 A-4, coded PI+PS, and was delivered to the Luftwaffe on September 15, 1943. It became a prototype for the A-7 version in 1944, recoded A3+HB.

The picture shows the aircraft, named Alles Kaputt (Everything Destroyed), just prior to its transatlantic flight to the USA. It left Paris-Orly, France, on July 28, 1945 and arrived at Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio, via the Azores on the 31st. The untypical teardrop fairing behind the cockpit housed the antenna for a US radio compass which was fitted for this flight.

The aircraft was transferred to Freeman Field, Seymour, Indiana, USA, where it received the Foreign Equipment number FE-3400, and was test-flown, like several other captured German aircraft.

The aircraft was scrapped after testing. Unfortunately for aviation historians the last existing Ju 290 was also scrapped in 1953 after serving with the Spanish AF."

Created December 16, 2002