No. 2409. Supermarine 304 Stranraer (K7287) Royal Air Force
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 28

Supermarine 304 Stranraer

04/15/2003. Remarks by Chris Pinn: "K7287 was the first production Stranraer from the first production batch of 17 aircraft with the sequential s/n K7287 - K7303. A second batch of six aircraft K9676 - K9681 brought the total production of Stranraers for the RAF to 23. Canadian Vickers also manufactured 40 Stranraers for the RCAF.

The first Stranraers were allocated to 228 Squadron at Pembroke Dock, England. They were useful aircraft and remained in RAF service until mid 1944, being replaced by the Catalina." View also photo the History Brief .

Created April 11, 2003