No. 2311. Douglas XB-43 (44-61508 c/n 6564) US Army Air Forces
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Douglas XB-43

09/15/2006. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "The XB-43-DO, nicknamed Jetmaster, was the first US jet bomber and made its first flight on May 17, 1946. However, by the time of its first flight, the USAAF had decided to put the North American B-45 Tornado into production.

The second XB-43 was retired and became part of the collection of the NASM in Washington, D.C., USA. When I was stationed at Andrews AFB, Maryland, USA, in 1957-59, the second aircraft was stored in a fenced area at a remote end of the base. The aircraft is now stored at NASM's Paul E. Garber Facility in Suitland, Maryland, USA."

Created March 10, 2003