No. 163. Corben Junior Ace (N9017 c/n 797-65-20)
Photographed at Evergreen Airfield, Vancouver, Washington, USA, August 1976, by Ron Dupas

Corben Junior Ace

01/31/2013. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Built by a Mr. Vinyard, this Junior Ace was first flown in 1969. It was involved in a crash on June 20, 1997. During takeoff on an instructional flight from a grass strip at Pangborn Memorial Airport, East Wenatchee, Washington, the commercially-rated student closed the throttle. The instructor felt it was too late to stop safely so he applied full throttle and told the student to complete the takeoff. The airplane veered to the right but became airborne past the end of the runway, then stalled and collided with the ground. The aircraft received substantial damage but neither the instructor or the student received any injuries."

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