No. 435. Bede BD-4 (N239CP c/n 239)
Photographed at Evergreen Airfield, Vancouver, Washington, USA, August 1977, by Ron Dupas

Bede BD-4

The original builder is Colin Powers. He has built it around 1974 and is said to have flown it over 1000 hours. His workmanship is outstanding.

In November 2002 I was contacted by the current owner of this plane, Holger Stephan in Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA. Holger remarks that "Colin's aircraft went through several hands after the crash. Each owner kept everything neatly together, but none got around to perform the restoration. I expect to get her into the air in 2003 or 2004" Visit Holger's BD-4 web site.

From NTSB Accident Data Base:

Accident occurred May 25, 1996 at Pacific City, Oregon, USA
Injuries: 2 Uninjured.
The pilot stated that just before touchdown on runway 32, "a sudden and quite strong gust blew the aircraft to the left enough that the left main gear on touching down was in soft ground to the left of the asphalt runway. Left wing and main gear then caught in tall grass." The airplane spun around in the tall grass, the nose gear collapsed, and the airplane was substantially damaged. No preimpact mechanical malfunction was reported.

The following text from Aviation Week is not unique to the aircraft pictured:
07/21/1969. World Flight, Inc., BD-4 light aircraft, designed to be fabricated by do-it-yourself aircraft constructors from a kit, is being produced at a rate of slightly more than 400 per year, according to James Bede, company president. The aircraft... is fabricated of aluminum angle stringers and aluminum skin on the fuselage, an aluminum tubular wing spar and glass fiber wing segments. Engine can be any Lycoming with a horsepower rating from 108 to 200. Aircraft powered by engines of less than 150 hp. are two seat machines with a gross weight of 1,400 lb (635 kg). Aircraft with engines of 150-200 hp. are four seat machines with a gross weight of 1,700 lb (771 kg). Cost of the kit, which does not include engine or paint, is less than $3,000.