No. 187. Sorrell JT1-M (N71JS c/n 1271)
Photographed at Evergreen Airfield, Vancouver, Washington, USA, August 1974, by Ron Dupas

Sorrell JT1-M

Remarks by Jerry Sorrell: "The aircraft was built by me over a period of two years, and first flew in 1972. It is a modified Jeenie Teenie. The engine was a 1,500 CC Transporter Volkswagen conversion. Span 21 ft (6.40 m), length 12 ft (3.66 m), weight 360 lb (163 kg) empty. I flew the plane for 6 years before selling it to a person from California, USA. The second owner flew the plane from Calaveras, California, to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, in 1979. A third owner damaged the plane in a hard landing and no further flying activity is known."

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