No. 10051. Bleriot XI (NX3433 c/n 3)
Photographed at Stow, Massachusetts, USA, August 21, 2010, by Kai Hansen

Bleriot XI

10/31/2010. Remarks by Kai Hansen: "The Blériot XI was a later incarnation of the famed Blériot flown by Louis Blériot on July 25, 1909 across the English Channel and made him the first to do such a feat. The two-seat model was a type that was built in kit form in the US in the early part of the century. The pictured replica was built in 1971, and it an 80 hp Continental engine in place of the 35 hp Anzani engine originally carried. Seen flying here in Stow at The Collings Foundation open house."

Created October 31, 2010