No. 10053. Ellison-Mahon Gweduck (N204EM c/n 1)
Photographed at Roche Harbor, Washington, USA, August 27, 2010, by Ross Mahon

Ellison-Mahon Gweduck

10/31/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "The Gweduck amphibian was developed by Ben Ellison with assistance by Bryan Mahon, and a talented group of engineers, builders, and pilots. The design was started in the 1990's and first flew on May 2, 2009. This amphibious aircraft is a refinement of the Grumman Widgeon and Goose aircraft utilizing composite materials for the airframe structure, refined hydro- and aero-dynamics, and modern engines and props.

Ross Mahon pictured the Gweduck also at its wheels at the Renton Municipal Airport, Renton, Washington, on July 21, 2009."

For more information visit the Ellison-Mahon Gweduck website.

Created October 31, 2010