No. 1050. Stits SA-6B Flut-R-Bug (C-FGCC c/n 2068)
Photographed at Brantford, Ontario, Canada, September 2001, by John Koning

Stits SA-6B Flut-R-Bug

11/23/2001. Remarks by owner John Koning: "The aircraft came to me September 2000 in boxes, from Wawa, Ontario, to my home in Hamilton, Ontario. After restoration, recovering, and engine overhaul, this 1973 SA-6B flew again Labour Day, 2001.

These photos were taken before the main gear was modified to move the Center-of-Gravity back and raised to improve the ground handling. The engine is a Continental A75 with 70x44 McCauley propeller.

When the plane was built, it was modified from the original plans with the use of Piper J3 tail planes, cowling and engine mount, wingspan increased from 26 to 28 ft (7.92 to 8.43 m), and also 2 ft (0.61 m) was added to the length. According to the logs, 1983 to 1997 was spent on Fleet 1600 floats. I have these floats, but will likely try to sell them.

Solo performance is quite impressive; ground roll about 150 feet (45 m), rotate about 45 mph (72 kmh), climb about 1.500 fpm at 60 mph (457 m/min at 97 kmh). Cruise with this propeller is 95 mph (153 kmh) at 2,350 rpm.

There are three Flut-R-Bugs on the field, all flying."

Created November 23, 2001