No. 10562. North American NA-122 Mustang TF.Mk.IV Royal Canadian Air Force
Photographed at Carberry, Manitoba, Canada, Spring 1960, by Ed Prebinski

North American NA-122 Mustang TF.Mk.IV

04/30/2011. Remarks by Ed Prebinksi: "The photo shows decommissioned City of Winnipeg Squadron Mustangs. Most the the Squadron's aircraft were lined up here with a few others in various stages of disassembly for shipping. The farmer who took over the field and stored his hay in the hangar said he thought they had been sold to the Cuban President, Fulgencio Batista but the Canadian Government has seized them.

I arrived at Canadian Forces Base Shilo, Manitoba, in September 1959 as a young Soldier Apprentice and I heard of the existence of an old RCAF Station that was closed in Carburry. In the spring of 1960 that occasion arose and two of us managed to get a ride to Carburrry. The sight of the 402 Squadron Mustangs just sitting there, was a bit eerie with these proud war machines there and not a sound or soul.

Here I am with one of the forlorn aircraft."

Created April 30, 2011