No. 10653. Dorner III
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Dorner III

06/30/2011. Remarks by Kees Kort: "The picture shows a Dorner two-seat monoplane from 1911, also referred to as the Dorner Eindecker Typ III. Hermann Dorner was an early German aviation pioneer, who developed a series of machines during the years 1908 till 1913. He started with the development of a glider where the pilot hang horizontally in a net beneath the wing. The glider was towed by a horse to get it into the air. In 1909 Dorner developed a tractor high wing monoplane, powered with an 18 hp air cooled engine developed and built by Dorner.

On the basis of this machine he developed a second powered machine in 1910, also a high wing monoplane, referred to as the Dorner Eindecker Typ II. This time he used a pusher configuration with the specialty that the engine was still placed in the front of the fuselage before the pilot. This construction made it necessary to extend the shaft of the engine till behind the pilot to drive the pusher propeller mounted behind the high mounted wing through a chain. This machine was a single seat machine, powered by a 22 hp Dorner engine.

In 1911 Dorner developed the 1910 model into the Typ III, a side-by-side two-seat machine, basically similar to the 1910 model but with a more powerful 40 hp NAG engine (engines of other manufacturers were also fitted). Structurally the machine was strengthened, as can be seen by the extra bracing on top of the wing and underneath. The wingspan of the machine was 401 ft 2.3 in (12,25 m)."

Created June 30, 2011