No. 10678. Interstate S-1A Cadet (N37301 c/n 144)
Photographed at Evergreen Airport, Vancouver, Washington, USA, July 17, 2006, by Richard Scott

Interstate S-1A Cadet

06/30/2011. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Interstate Aircraft & Engineering Corporation was organized in April 1937 and produced hydraulic and mechanical precision units for various major aircraft plants. In 1940 the company entered the aircraft manufacturing field, operations were at the former Moreland Aircraft Inc. plant at Mines Field, El Segundo, California. The first design was the S-1, a light cabin monoplane, which came on the market as the S-1A Cadet. In 1945, after only five years, aircraft manufacturing was abandoned.

Powerplant was a four-cylinder horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine, either a 65 hp Continental A-65 or an 85 hp Franklin 4AC, fuel capacity was 15 gal (56.8 l). The wing had NACA 23011 section, solid spruce spars, girder type aluminum alloy ribs, metal leading-edge, steel compression struts and internal bracing, the whole was covered with fabric. The high-wing was braced by steel-tube struts with intermediate jury struts, while the ailerons were of aluminum-alloy frames with fabric covering. The fuselage had a welded steel-tube structure, faired with a steel channel superstructure and covered with fabric.

The braced monoplane type tail unit had metal frames with fabric covering, the fin was integral with the fuselage, and the port elevator had a trimming-tab. The semi-cantilever undercarriage was fitted with low-pressure wheels and hydraulic brakes, while a single oleo-spring shock-absorbing unit was mounted within the fuselage serving both legs. The tail-wheel was steerable. The enclosed cabin had a large door on starboard side and seated two in tandem with dual controls, baggage compartment was aft of the rear seat.

N37301 was produced in 1941 and was registered to its present owners Kathryn and Richard Scott of Estacada, Oregon, on April 30, 1984. The aircraft was restored in 1991 by Tim Talen, and is pictured the day before Evergreen Airport ceased operations in 2006.

Created June 30, 2011