No. 12927. Convair 8-10 F-102A Delta Dagger US Air Force
                   Tupolev Tu-95KD "Bear-B" Soviet Air Force
Photograph from Kemmel Owen, source unknown, ca. 1970-71

Convair 8-10 F-102A Delta Dagger & Tupolev Tu-95KD

03/31/2016. Remarks from Scott Owen: "My father, Kemmel Owen, obtained this photo from one of his mates in the USAF 57th FIS stationed at Keflavik, Iceland where he was a Major flying F-102As intercepting Soviet long-range bombers entering NATO air space. My father was the last person to ever fly an F-102. He accumulated over 7,000 hours of flight time in the Air Force, as a test pilot for various aviation companies, and in a variety of warbirds and civilian aircraft. My father passed away in 2013. For more information about my father see Kemmel Owen."

Created March 31, 2016