No. 12938. American Aviation AA-1 Yankee (N3LC c/n AA1-0401)
Photographed at La Cholla Airpark, Arizona, USA, by Larry Clark

American Aviation AA-1 Yankee

02/28/2016. Remarks by Larry Clark: "I hold an A&P license and buy old, wrecked, damaged or run-out airplanes, fix them up, fly them for a few years, and then sell them to fund my next project. I have owned 18 different airplanes over the past 30 years: an Aero Commander which I bought for $10,000 and restored to flying condition, an Aeronca 7 Champion, two Bellanca 7ECA Citabrias, a Smith Miniplane, a Cessna 150M and three Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlons, one of which, N2984Z (c/n 381-78), I have flown in aerobatic contests.

I bought this AA-1, previously registered N6201L, in May of last year. There is an STC to convert the AA-1 to tailwheel, and one to upgrade to the 150 hp engine which provides better climb performance and a faster cruise speed. I just might keep this one to fly for fun. I am planning to fly the airplane to EAA Oshkosh this summer.

I've been flying for 54 years and accumulated over 12,000 hours in 46 different types. I was trained as a US Army helicopter pilot flew Vietnam combat missions, and later offshore oil rig supply, EMS, TV news, survey and forest fire fighting applications, and as a test pilot for Honeywell."

Created March 31, 2016