No. 2009. Boeing 450-157-35 B-47E Stratojet (52-385 c/n 193) US Air Force
Photographed at the former Plattsburgh Airbase, New York, USA, by Doyle Frost

Boeing 450-157-35 B-47E Stratojet

12/19/2002. Remarks by Doyle Frost: "B-47E, retired from Plattsburgh, AFB in June, 1965. Has been on display at the main entrance to the former base since then. Santa Claus is put on top every Christmas by the redevelopers, Plattsburgh Airbase Redevelopment Corporation, of the former base since the entire community has come to expect it, as the USAF used to put him up every year after they built him."

Created December 19, 2002