No. 2078. Curtiss 50 Robin
Photographed at Fairfax Airport, Kansas City, Kansas, USA, by Earl Hodges

Curtiss 50 Robin

01/15/2003. Remarks by Earl Hodges: "I took this picture in 1936 at Fairfax when I rode my brand-new Schwinn balloon-tired bike and borrowed a Baby Brownie camera from my mother.

That Curtiss Robin was the one in which I got my first flight. I don't remember the fellow's name but I was sitting there on my bike looking lonesome, I guess, when he asked if I'd like a ride. I dropped my new bike on the edge of the grass and climbed aboard for about a 23 minute ride. Talk about thrilled!!

I didn't dare mention it to my folks or they'd have killed me. Not only for the airplane ride (my mother was against them) but for leaving my bike. I don't think they ever found out because I sure as the devil never told them."
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Created January 15, 2003