No. 3312. Fairchild 82D (CF-MAK c/n 64) McAvoy Air Service
Photographed at Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, July 12, 1962, by Tracy B. Perry

Fairchild 82D

02/23/2004. Remarks by Tracy Perry: "This photograph of Chuck McAvoy's 1938 Fairchild model 82D was taken while moored at the Float Base tie-up in the Old Town at Yellowknife. Thus, this image of the aircraft on pontoons probably shows exactly how it appeared on the day it went down on June 9, 1964 about 100 miles (161 km) southwest of Bathurst Inlet near Lupin Lake in what is now the Northwest Territories/Nunavut border.

In this photo the aircraft is overall grey with forest-green lateral speed lines bearing the inscription "McAVOY AIR SERVICE LTD.". The wing and rudder tips are red. Although difficult to see in this photograph, the original 35mm transparency, when projected, clearly shows Chuck sitting in the pilot's seat with his arms on the cowling."

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Created February 23, 2004