No. 3315. Bay Aviation Super V (N3124V c/n SV-109-D-549)
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Bay Aviation Super V

03/31/2016. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Built in 1947 as a Model 35 Bonanza, this aircraft was registered to Beech as NC3124V (c/n D-549) on July 23, 1947. Subsequent registered owners were Richard P Warren, Elko, Nevada (August 6, 1947), C.J. Duggan Logging, Humboldt, California (November 4, 1957) and Golden Gate Aviation Inc., Oakland, California (March 24, 1961). It was sold to Hammond Aircraft Company of San Carlos, California on October 23, 1961, and under franchise to Bay Aviation it was converted to a Super V under the new c/n SV-109-D-549.

After completion on January 18, 1962, it was sold to Bay Aviation five days later. Bay sold the aircraft to N.O.T. Inc. of Portland, Oregon on March 28, 1962. The aircraft was substantially damaged on August 27, 1964, when it made a hard landing at the McNeil Ranch Airstrip in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. It swerved off the runway, damaging both engines and propellers, while both wings were distorted. The pilot, and sole occupant, Louis E Tippet, received minor injuries.

The damaged aircraft was bought by George H. Felt of Felt's Flying Service at Roseburg, Oregon, on November 11, 1965. Using parts of a wrecked 1958 Beech Bonanza, Felt rebuilt the aircraft and received a new CofA on September 17, 1970. After George Felt had passed away it was sold by 'The Estate of George H. Felt' to Floyd W. Felt of Roseburg. Next owner became the Oregon Aviation Museum at Cottage Grove, Oregon on March 16, 1991. By September 2000 it was displayed at the Tillamook Air Museum.

Harold Bost, president of the Bonanza/Baron Museum at Tullahoma, Tennessee, bought the Super V in 2004 and donated it to his museum, at that time a division of the Staggerwing Museum. The aircraft was registered to the Bonanza/Baron Museum on October 25, 2006. (Both museums became one organization under the name Beechcraft Heritage Museum in April 2007)."

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Created February 23, 2004