No. 3389A. Cessna M337B O-2A Super Skymaster (N593S c/n M337B0071, N594X c/n M337B0110)
Photographed over Galveston Bay, Texas, USA, October 26, 1991

Cessna M337B O-2A Super Skymaster

04/01/2004. Remarks by Ron Scott: "Ex-Navy O-2A's acquired in 1991 by my partner and myself. The photo was taken from another Cessna O-2 during a practice flight for the "Wings Over Houston" Confederate AF air show in October of 1991. Both aircraft are 3000 hour USAF Vietnam combat veterans and both served with ANG units after returning to the States in 1970.

The Navy acquired them in 1983 for use as "range controllers" with VA-122 (A-7 RAG) and transferred them to VFA-125 (FA-18 RAG) in 1986. The aircraft were sent to the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida, USA in September of 1990. I acquired both aircraft from the Navy in April 1991, ferrying them back to Houston in August, 1991.

This view is my aircraft, while it was still in service with VFA-125 at NAS Fallon, Nevada, USA. I registered it N593S in September 1991, but sold it to a man in North Carolina, USA a number of years ago."

(Nearest is N593S, ex-USAF 67-21365, ex-BuNo. 721365 'NJ 593'.)
(Furthest is N594X, ex-USAF 67-21404, ex-BuNo. 721404 'NJ 594'.)

Created April 1, 2004