No. 3738. Meyers OTW-160 (NC26476 c/n 29, NC34349 c/n 93, NC34352 c/n 96)                    
Stinson SR-6 (NC15120 c/n 9611)
Photographed at Outlaw Field, Clarksville, Tennessee, USA

Meyers OTW-160 & Stinson SR-6

Remarks by Lou Owen: NC34349 and NC34352 were used in a training service during WW II. They were purchased by Knapp Flying Service at Clarkesville and put on the flight line there. The State of Tennessee decided it would be a good idea to teach some of their school teachers to fly so the idea could be passed to the students. In this picture are two of the teachers who were learning to fly in the Meyers.

N26476 with Warner power. This aircraft was already on the field when they bought the Kinner powered Meyers. Pictured: 5 mechanics. I'm the one on the right . The man in the middle is Robert Knapp, one of the three Knapp brothers who ran the FBO. Robert was the Shop Foreman. Tom, his brother, is shown in the photo above.

N34352 and me after I did a trim paint job on it.

NC34349 with "The Gang" who worked at Knapp Flying Service. I'm in the front row with coveralls. Next to me on my left is Bill Kershner who wrote flying manuals in later years.

Created October 4, 2004