No. 3814. Longmire SP-3 (N33DL)
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Longmire SP-3

11/29/2004. Remarks by William Iorg: "I was certainly surprised to see Delmar 'Lou' Longmire's SP-2 N12DL. I grew up in Corrales, New Mexico, USA and watched Lou's various projects for many years. Lou had many interesting airplanes including a Culver Cadet that was very nice. I was just graduation High School and well remember seeing 12DL on the ramp at 7-Bar airport, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

When I returned from the Army several years later and began flying I met and became good friends with Lou. About 1974 I purchased the follow up to the SP-2, the SP-3 N33DL. Lou always considered the SP-3 to be a loose copy of Art Chesters "Jeep". I flew this wonderful aircraft for too few hours before an engine failure on take-off destroyed it at 7-Bar."

Created November 28, 2004