No. 3936. Ragwing Ultrapiet
Photographed by Mike Butts

Ragwing Ultrapiet

02/12/2005. Remarks by Mike Butts: "This is my not yet registered Ragwing Ultrapiet, built by my friend and fellow EAA member Ed Hall. He recently gave it to me. This aircraft is a 2/3 scale replica of the Pietenpol Aircamper with a Rotax 377 powerplant. It has yet to make its maiden flight.

The fly-in at Plymouth Municipal Airport (Massachusetts, USA) was the first time that the plane was put on display and it was a big hit. I hope to finish it and fly it in the spring. The plane will be registered in the new Amateur Built LSA (light sport aircraft) category.

Ed Hall is a long time EAA Technical Counselor and holds an A&P certificate. He worked as an aircraft mechanic for most of his life and then taught at a vocational school. He built the Ultrapiet as a project in his later years. By the time he was nearing completion he was almost 80 years old and no longer flying."

Created February 12, 2005