No. 4044. Piper J-2
Photographed near Casa Grande, Arizona, USA, 1950-1960

Piper J-2

11/30/2006. Remarks by Terry L. Emig: "I have talked to few old timers from here in Casa Grande and their recollection is that this was originally a J-2 with a 40 hp motor that was wrecked and rebuilt by one of the local pilots who installed a 65 hp motor. It was a 'one-of-a-kind' that did not fly very well and after a second crash it was eventually sold to another party in the Tucson area to be rebuilt into its original J-2 condition."

03/30/2005. Remarks by George Gillburg. "This looks like an aircraft having been built from a Piper J-2 fuselage and Aeronca K wings. If you look at the pictures, the tail at least does resemble that of the J-2. There is supposed to be a 3-view drawing in Sport Aviation's March 1955 issue but I don't have any copies that old."

04/02/2005. Remarks by Seth Schlifer: "Looks like it is a one-off homebuilt made from Piper components. The fuselage & tail appears to be from a J-2, and the wings appear clipped, judging from the shadow on the ground."

Created March 25, 2005