No. 6225. Brunner-Winkle Bird BK
                 Brunner-Winkle Bird CK
Photographed at Central Airport, Camden, New Jersey, USA, ca. 1934, source unknown

Brunner-Winkle Bird BK & Bird CK

03/15/2007. Remarks by Howard Walker: "This photo was the single photo taken at the airport as part of a promotion for the opening of the movie 'Dames'. One of the models is my mother, now 89 years of age. She is the one getting out of the cockpit of the Bird BK, the plane on the left. The airport is long gone now, the land becoming an industrial park.

My first real job in the summer after I graduated high school before going off to college was at the Central Airport working for Kellet Aircraft. They had a government contract to build experimental air mail pickup devices. Two steel poles about 50 feet high, about 50 feet apart with a cable strung between the poles. The air mail sack was attached to the cable, and a plane would fly low and snag the sack with a hook somehow. I don't remember just how it was done, but I saw a test flight/pickup done there once and it did work. My job was to de-grease the steel poles before they were machined. Ugh! It was messy."

Created March 15, 2007