No. 6512. Yakovlev Yak-52 (N82YK c/n 822612)
Photographed by John Stewart

Yakovlev Yak-52

06/18/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Yak-52 was a tandem two-seat piston-engined primery trainer, designed by Yakovlev in the USSR in 1978 to replace the Yak-18, the standard ab initio trainer for Soviet pilots since the mid-1940s. Although the prototype was manufactured and test-flown at the Yakovlev factory in 1979, production was entrusted to the Romanian aircraft industrie under the Comecon (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance) program.

Over 1,800 aircraft were produced in Bacau, Romania by IAv Bacau (Intreprinderea de Avioane Bacau); the company was renamed Aerostar SA in 1991. Aircraft that became surplus to the military services have been spread all over the world, though many of them are still registered in Lithuania (LY-)

The pictured aircraft was built in 1982 and delivered to the Soviet AF, after the desintegration of the Soviet Union the aircraft was transferred to the Russian AF where it was coded 114. It came to the USA register as N2408A, on August 23, 2006 it was re-registered as N82YK.

The Vytis cross at the tail is one of the symbols of Lithuania, and used on all Lithuanian AF aircraft."

Created June 18, 2007