No. 7188. Redback LoneStar 5A (VH-AMU c/n LS-50)
Source unknown

Redback LoneStar 5A

12/31/2007. Remarks by Adam Aitken: "This is a picture of the LoneStar Sport Helicopter constructed from a kit in 1999. There are only a couple of this model still in existance today. This one is in Western Australia. I believe there is also one in Japan and one other known one in the USA still flying. There are also a few of the early model LoneStar that was similar in size and layout but used a traditional swash plate at the top of the rotor mast, whereas the later model had the 'through shaft' controls. I have seen two of the early model for sale on Ebay in the past 12 months, both located in the USA."

Created December 31, 2007