No. 8918. Aérospatiale SA 341B Gazelle AH.Mk.1 (XX413 c/n 1309) Royal Marines
                 Westland WS.61 Sea King HAS.Mk.5 (XV652 c/n WA.640) Royal Navy
Source unknown

Aérospatiale Gazelle and Westland WS.61 Sea King

05/31/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "XX413 was first flown on October 24, 1975 and delivered to the Royal Marines on November 19. It was struck off charge in 2003.
XV652 was first flown on November 12, 1969 and delivered to the RN on December 3. It was lost in the Mediterranean on February 3, 1988."

Created May 31, 2009