No. 9201. Denney Kitfox 4-1200 Speedster (G-BXWH c/n PFA 172A-12343) "Bumble 2"
Photographed at Longcroft Barn, Defford, Worcestershire, by Michael Porter

Denney Kitfox 4-1200 Speedster

09/30/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "Designed by Dan Denney of Boise, Idaho, USA, the original Kitfox 1 was first flown in November 1984. Developed since in several versions the Kitfox was produced by Denney Aerocraft at nearby Nampa, till June 1992, when the rights for the Kitfox series were sold to Skystar Aircraft of Caldwell, Idaho. After Skystar had ceased operations in October 2005, the assets were acquired by Kitfox Aircraft of Homedale, also Idaho, in April 2006.

The kit for the pictured aircraft was bought by Richard Horton of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK, in 1992 and on March 4, 1998, he registered it G-BXWH (the closest he could get to his Amateur Radio call-sign G3XWH).

The partially completed aircraft was sold to Brian Finch of Ebrington, Gloucestershire, on October 17, 2000, and after completion by Les James, the UK Kitfox specialist, it made its maiden flight in May 2001. After 543 flying hours the aircraft was sold to Michael Porter at Longcroft Barn."

Created September 30, 2009