No. 3759. Rider R-1 (R51Y) "San Francisco 1"
Photograph from Associated Press, dated August 19, 1931

Rider R-1

10/18/2004. Remarks by Curtiss Aldrich: "Press release photo of Rider R-1 (or R-2) with pilot Ray Moore.

The racer was owned by the San Francisco Racing Group headed by Bob Clampett. Bob flew the ship at the 1931 Los Angeles Air Fiesta and won both the 800 and 1350 (13,110 and 22,123 free-for-all races. During these races he turned a speed of 183 mph (295 kmh) on the pylons.

The same year Ray Moore flew the racer at the Nationals. He won the (13,110 event clocking at 185.09 mph (297.87 kmh) and placed second in the 1000 (16,387 race turning the course at 177.089 mph (284.997 kmh).

Keith Rider was present for the 1931 National Air Races with two of these cigar-shaped racing planes. Both were finished just a short period before the races. They appeared to be cleaned-up models of the B-1 but were all metal in place of wood. The fuselages were aluminum and monocoque in design. Both of these racers were registered with the CAA as Rider R-1's but were always known as the R-1 and R-2. No reason was ever given for the B-1 and later switch to the R designation.

The R-1 was designated "San Francisco 1", licensed R51Y, race number 131, and powered with a 544 (8,915 Menasco Buccaneer B6S engine rated at 260 hp. Its wing span was 21 ft 4 in (6.50 m), chord 5 ft (1.52 m) at the fuselage and tapered to 2 ft (0.61 m) at the tip. This gave the racer a wing area of 65 sq.ft (6.04 m), wing loading 17.5 and a power loading of 4.6 lb (2.09 kg) per brake hp. The sleek little cigar-shaped racer was equipped with a retractable landing gear that consisted of two stiff struts. The only shock absorbers were the airwheels and they proved to be rather effective. These wheels did not retract completely and it was possible to land gear up with minimum damage to the racer."

Created October 18, 2004