No. 6419. North American NA-140 XP-86 Sabre (45-59597 c/n 140-38424) US Air Force
Photograph from USAF, taken over Mojave Dessert, California, USA, late 1947

North American NA-140 XP-86 Sabre

05/15/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Sabre was designed by a team led by L.P. Greene and the pictured prototype was flown for the first time by George Welch on October 1, 1947. Two more prototypes (45-59598/45-59599 c/n 140-38425/140-38426) were built, one was used for static testing. The XP-86 was redesignated XF-86 in 1948."

Created May 15, 2007