No. 6907. McDonnell 36 XF-88 (46-525) US Air Force
Photograph from McDonnell

McDonnell 36 XF-88

10/31/2007. Remarks by Curtiss Aldrich: "This historic airplane of late 1940's design, was conceived/built for the need of a deep penetration (long range) fighter capable of providing cover for the long range bombers of the day. Pictured is the first of two prototypes.

The two planes were initially put in storage, but then with the advent of the immediate need for a longe range fighter from the Korean War, they were pulled from storage. The pictured plane was re-equippped with afterburning engines, and most weirdly, fitted with a Allison XT-38A turboprop in the nose! This tri-motored fighter was redesignated the XF-88B. The plane was eventually scrapped, but the design went on to become the F-101 Voodoo."

Created October 31, 2007