No. 12159. Percival P.54 Prince Series 6B (G-AMKW) Ministry of Civil Aviation
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Percival P.54 Prince Series 6B

11/30/2013. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "One of the three Prince aircraft, G-AMKW, G-AMKX (c/n P.50/35) and G-AMKY (c/n P.50/36), registered to the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MCA) on August 17, 1951 to be used for flight inspection of navigational aids throughout the UK. G-AMKW received its CofA on July 16, 1952 and served with the MCA till it was withdrawn in 1970. Subsequently it went to the Stansted Fire School where it was destroyed on July 26, 1971."

Created November 30, 2013