No. 4333. Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.31 (F-VNAR c/n 13140) Air Vietnam
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Bristol 170 Freighter Mk.31

08/12/2006. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "The British registration G-AMRY was reserved for this aircraft but this identification was never used and the aircraft first flew in 1953 with the 'Class B' markings G-18-142. It was sold to the French airline Air Vietnam on 8 October 1953 for operations in South Vietnam and registered F-VNAR. It was later sold to Société Generale d'Affretements Aeriens Alger in August 1957 and re-registered F-OBDR.

Subsequently, it was sold to Corse Air in July 1962 and re-registered F-BCDR, Air Fret in November 1962 (leased to Bristol-Siddeley Engines Ltd. from December 1963 to 1964 and Cie Air Mauritanie) and finally sold to the charter airline Corse Air in 1967. It was later withdrawn from use and stored at Garons Airport, Nimes, France. The fate is unknown."

Created July 3, 2005