No. 1454. General Dynamics 401 F-16B Fighting Falcon (78-0082 c/n 62-8) US Air Force
Photograph from USAF, taken 1979-1983

General Dynamics 401 F-16B Fighting Falcon

01/30/2007. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This F-16B-1-CF was delivered to the USAF on March 14, 1979 and assigned to the 16th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron of the 388th Tactical Fighter (later Fighter) Wing, Twelfth Air Force, Tactical Air Command (later Air Combat Command), based at Hill AFB, Utah, USA. In July 1983 it was transferred to the 310th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron, 58th Tactical Fighter Training Wing (later 58th Tactical Training Wing), 832d Air Division, Twelfth Air Force, at Luke AFB, Arizona.

In October 1991 it was transferred to the 148th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron, 162d Tactical Fighter Group of the Arizona ANG based at Tucson International Airport which was redesignated 148th Fighter Squadron, 162d Fighter Group on March 15, 1992. On August 1, 1996 it was stored at the AMARC at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona."

Created April 8, 2002