No. 1906. Douglas A-4E Skyhawk (151186 c/n 13356) US Navy
Photographed at Oceana Naval Air Station, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, January 13, 2002, by Harold Arkenbout

Douglas A-4E Skyhawk

01/31/2006. Remarks by Troy Snead, Public Affairs Officer, NAS Oceana: "This aircraft was accepted by the US Navy on December 23, 1964, and served for nearly twenty-five years, accumulating over 9100 hours and 6500 landings. It saw combat action in South Asia in 1966-1967 while assigned to VA-93 onboard USS Oriskany. The aircraft was transferred to VF-43 in December 1979 and flew as an "aggressor" (designated "Ambush 220") for almost ten years before reaching the end of its service life. The A-4E Skyhawk was added to static display of the Aviation Historical Park at NAS Oceana in November 1989, by the Challengers of VF-43."

Created November 8, 2002