No. 5677. McDonnell 36X RF-101C Voodoo (56-099 c/n 333) US Air Force
Photographed at Shaw AFB Air Park, Sumter, South Carolina, USA, June 2, 2006, by Harold Arkenbout

McDonnell 36X RF-101C Voodoo

09/30/2006. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This RF-101C-70-MC is shown in the markings of the 29th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron of the 363d Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. The squadron operated RF-101Cs between July 1968 and January 1971. Between July 1968 and December 1969, the 363d was assigned to the 833d Air Division, Ninth Air Force, Tactical Air Command; in January 1971, the 833d Air Division was inactivated and the wing was assigned directly to the Ninth Air Force, Tactical Air Command."

Created September 15, 2006