No. 11050. North American NA-108 TB-25N Mitchell (N125AZ c/n 108-35262) "Maid in the Shade"
Photographed at the Cactus Fly-in, Casa Grande, Arizona, USA, March 5, 2011, by Gilles Auliard

North American NA-108 TB-25N Mitchell

11/30/2011. Produced for the USAAF as a B-25J-10-NC under the serial
43-35972, later it was converted to a TB-25J and in 1955 to a TB-25N. It came on the civil registry as N9552Z in January 1960. A number of owners later it was acquired in 1981 by the CAF (Confederate Air Force, since renamed Commemorative Air Force). In 1999 it was transferred to the Arizona Wing of the CAF at Falcon Field, Mesa, and after a long restoration it was flown again in May 2009.

The Maid in the Shade (on the left side as a blonde, on the right side as a brunette) is situated on the map of Corsica. Serragia Airfield on the southern coast of Corsica was used as a forward-base of operations by the USAAF from July 1944 till January 1945. Between September 21, 1944 and January 1, 1945, B-25's of the 319th Bombardment Group, 12th Air Force operated from Serragia Airfield.

Created November 30, 2011