No. 4154. Caribbean Traders Husky II (N128LG c/n 98)
Photographed at Blakesburg, Iowa, USA, 2004, by Gilles Auliard

Caribbean Traders Husky II

04/30/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This aircraft was built for the USAAF under the serial 46-165 as a Convair 105 L-13A, struck off charge it came on the civil register as N6618C in December 1954. During 1969/1970 it was converted by Caribbean Traders Inc. in Miami, Florida to a Husky II with a 300 hp Lycoming R-680-13 radial engine. It was reregistered as N128LG in October 1987 and is still as such as of this day."

Read the L-13/Husky remarks on page 12779.

Created May 1, 2005