No. 9865. Mono Monocoupe 70 (NC6731 c/n 134)
Photographed at Golden Age Air Museum, Bethel, Pennsylvania, USA, September 25, 2009, by Gilles Auliard

Mono Monocoupe 70

05/31/2010. The Monocoupe 70 was designed in 1928 by Clayton Folkerts and Donald A. Luscombe, president of the Mono Aircraft Corporation at Moline, Illinois. (Luscombe formed the Luscombe Airplane Company, at Kansas City, Missouri in 1933.) The aircraft was powered by a Velie M-5 radial engine and some 350 were produced. The NC6731 was donated to the Museum in 2007 by the ninety-years old Robert "Breity" Harding Breithaupt, of Reading, Pennsylvania.

Breity, who also owned the Reading Aviation Service and Suburban Airlines, had learned to fly in this aircraft and bought it when the aircraft skeleton was for sale in the early sixties. It was restored to airworthiness (erroneously labeled "1927 Monocoupe 70"), and the new CofA was issued June 7, 1963. It was flown only a few times before in 1967 it became a decoration in the newly opened Antique Airplane restaurant in Reading, also owned by Breity. It was hung from the ceiling for forty years, until the closure of the restaurant in 2007.

Created May 31, 2010