No. 9868. Pitcairn PA-18 (NC1267B c/n G-65)
Photographed at Brodhead, Wisconsin, USA, September 10, 2009, by Gilles Auliard

Pitcairn PA-18

05/31/2010. One of nineteen produced during 1932, this is the sole airworthy PA-18 in existence. Designed to become "every manís autogiro" the tandem two-seat PA-18 was smaller than the preceding PCA-1 and PCA-2, and was powered by a 160 hp Kinner B-5 engine. Registered as NC12678 the pictured one was first flown at the Pitcairn factory at Willow Grove, Pennsylvania in 1932. It was used by Harold Pitcarn as his personal transport till it was sold to Anne Strawbridge of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1935.

Thereafter it was owned by seven subsequent owners, including Harold Pitcairn's nephew Nathan Pitcairn, and Ted Sowirka, who had it stored for 42 years (during which the aircraft deteriorated and was deregistered), and Al Letcher. Finally, in 1997 it was acquired by Jack Tiffany of Spring Valley, Ohio and Jim Hammond of Yellow Springs, and in 1999 a restoration to airworthiness was started, culminating in a successful flight by Andrew King on July 10, 2008. The aircraft had been registered as NC1267B on September 20, 2007.

The following day the fuel pump failed during flight, while King was able to glide to the airport, a later adjustment of the rotor blade angle led to their partial destruction, as well as some significant damage to the tail and rudder. The aircraft was repaired and flew again in the Spring of 2009 and gained its new CofA on April 14.

Created May 31, 2010