No. 3251. Ford 6-AT-AS Tri-Motor (G-CYWZ c/n 6-AT-1) Canadian Air Board
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Ford 6-AT-AS Tri-Motor

09/30/2011. Originally the Canadian Air Board ordered this aircraft for dusting experiments, and despite the military markings the aircraft was registered on the civil registry. Aircraft construction was completed on May 28, 1929 and it was delivered to the Air Board on June 16, while the same month the first tests spraying of hemlock forests took place near Westree, Ontario.

Later based at Rockcliffe, Ontario, it was used as a VIP transport, and as a support transport for the 1931 Air Pagent. It appeared at an air show at RCAF Station Trenton, Ontario in June 1934, while in that month it was also pictured (Bill Ewing Collection) at St. Hubert, Quebec. In September 1935 it was used in trials with the Lear radio compass, and it was struck off charge on February 25, 1937.

Subsequently it was sold to United Air Transport and reregistered CF-BEP. On February 3, 1939 it was destroyed in a ground collision with a RCAF Hurricane.

Created January 27, 2004