No. 3330A. North American NA-66 Harvard Mk.II (AJ970 c/n 76-3762) Royal Canadian Air Force
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North American NA-66 Harvard Mk.II

Remarks by Dave Fletcher: "The photo shows a radio installation in a Harvard wireless trainer during WW II. The particular aircraft was an NA-66 contract aircraft originally ordered for France but taken over by the British Purchasing Commission. It entered the RCAF on January 14, 1942 and served as a standard trainer at 39SFTS and 37SFTS before being converted to a wireless trainer on March 2, 1944. It was then assigned to No.2 Wireless School at Calgary. It was reconverted to standard configuration postwar and ultimately sent to Turkey under Military Aid on November 9, 1957.

The equipment consists of a T1154 transmitter (lower) and an R1155 receiver (middle). The compass loop bearing indicator is on top of the receiver."

Created January 5, 2004