No. 12391. Beech 65 Queen Air (HB-GOO c/n LC117)
Photographed at Hatfield, UK, ca. 1964, by Tony Banham

Beech 65 Queen Air

04/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The pictured aircraft was the personal transport of Baron Hans Heinrich Von Thyssen-Bornemisza, a Dutch-born Swiss citizen who was a noted industrialist and art collector.

The Queen Air was produced in a dizzying variety of models: 65, 80, and 88. The Model 65 is the original and least expensive version. It dates from 1960 when it emerged as a six- to nine-place light twin powered by two 340 hp Lycoming IGO-480 six-cylinder engines and offering good comfort and performance. Two years later, a 380 hp option was available and designated as the Model 80. The Model 88 is a pressurized version of the Model 80.

Deliveries of Queen Airs became limited to overseas markets, and sales in the United States were essentially discontinued. But eventually the Queen Air was born again with turboprop engines as the Beech King Air.

In 1971, the Excalibur Aviation Company and Swearingen Aircraft acquired the rights to build and market a modified version of the Queen Air. Called the Queenair 800, it employs two 400 hp Lycoming eight-cylinder engines with modified low-drag engine nacelles and three-blade Hartzell propellers."

Created April 30, 2014