No. 6227. Reid & Sigrist R.S.4 Bobsleigh (G-AGOS c/n 3)
Photographed at Eastleigh Airport, Hampshire, UK, ca. 1962-1964, by Tony Banham

Reid & Sigrist R.S.4 Bobsleigh

03/31/2007. Remarks by Dave Simpson:"This aircraft was original built as the sole R.S.3 Desford, a twin-engined wooden trainer. The main structural components were sub-contracted to the Austin Veneer Co., a furniture manufacturer of London. Powered by two 130 hp Gipsy Moth Major Series I engines the R.S.3 flew for the first time on July 9, 1945, registered as G-AGOS. In May 1949 it was de-registered and with s/n VZ728 the two-seater was tested by the RAF as a primary and intermediate trainer.

Thereafter it was converted to the R.S.4 for prone pilot experiments and was flown in this form for the first time on June 13, 1951. Extensive trials were conducted by the RAE at Farnborough; later trials were continued with the Gloster 'prone' Meteor. In January 1956 the R.S.4 returned on the civil registry, again as G-AGOS. It was used at one time as an airphoto aircraft by Film Aviation Services. Now the aircraft is preserved at the Leicester Museum of Science & Technology."

Created March 15, 2007