No. 6583. Lockheed L-1011-1 Tri-Star (N305EA c/n 193A-1006)
Photographed at Farnborough, UK, September 1972, by Tony Banham

Lockheed L-1011-1 Tri-Star

07/07/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "First flown in November 1971, registered as N305EA, this aircraft was built for Eastern but retained by Lockheed as a demonstration aircraft. In 1972 it toured around the world painted in Eastern Airlines colours, "Lockheed Tristar" titles and additional stickers of airlines, like BEA, Court Line, PSA, TWA, etc. above the cheatline, and "Whisperliner" on the tail engine.

In August 1972 the aircraft arrived in the UK for the Farnborough Air Show and BEA personnel at Heathrow applied the BEA colour scheme at the tail and a large logo on the lower front fuselage, as seen in the picture.

The aircraft was delivered to Eastern on November 23, 1972. While in cruise over Atlantic City, New Jersey on December 28, 1972, an engine No.3 compressor rotor disc failed and separated, debris damaging the inboard wing, stabilizer and cabin windows. The aircraft, with 13 crew and 97 passengers aboard, landed safely at John F. Kennedy Airport, New York, New York.

The aircraft was stored at Mojave, California in November 1990; sold to Delta Airlines in December 1991, it was re-registered N782DL in January 1992. In November 1996 it was again stored at Mojave and by September 2002 the aircraft had been broken up."

Created July 7, 2007