No. 9902. Caproni Vizzola C 22J (I-GIAC c/n 002)
Photographed by Bob Banka

Caproni Vizzola C 22J

06/30/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The private venture C 22J was a two-seat lightweight training aircraft, development started in 1978 by a team led by Carlo Ferrarin and Livio Sonzio. Its configuration bore a close resemblance to that of the company's A 21SJ Calif jet-powered sailplane; construction was largely of metal, with the forward fuselage skin, some fairings and other unstressed areas of glass fiber. The prototype I-CAVJ, powered by two 220.5 lb (100 kg) s.t TRS 18-046 engines, made its first flight on July 21, 1980, with test pilot Paolo Barberis at the controls.

Intended primarily for student pilot screening, basic and proficiency training, the C 22J was also suitable for ECM evaluation, ground and air navaid calibration, ecological survey and high-speed liaison. It could be converted easily for photographic survey duties, or for use as an RPV. The pictured first pre-production C 22J made its initial flight onFebruary 17, 1983, and differed from the prototype in having shorter span wings, with tip tanks, and 286.6 lb (130 kg) s.t TRS 18-083 engines.

Agusta acquired a 100% holding in Caproni Vizzola in 1983, at the time certification of the C 22J under FAR Part 23 (Utility and Aerobatic categories) was expected. In May 1985, a third arcraft was registered as I-CAVT (c/n 003). By 1988, when the certification was finally obtained from the RAI (Italian FAA), the FAA certification was still under way, pending a few unresolved hurdles such as noise limits.

The C 22J program was canceled in 1988 as Agusta considered the (Agusta division's) SIAI-Marchetti S-211 more suitable for the jet training market, and subsequently the C 22Js were indefinitely grounded. The first, I-CAVJ, is preserved at the Museo dell'Aeronautica Gianni Caproni at Trento, Italy, the third, I-CAVT (the last aircraft ever produced by Caproni Vizzola), is preserved at the Museo Volandia at Milan. The type was also known by the unofficial name Caproncino, and in 1986 was also listed as the Ventura. The following data relate to the pre-production C22J:

Created June 30, 2010