No. 10001. Mil Mi-26 ("07") "Halo" Russian Air Force
Photographed at MAKS, Zhukovsky, Moscow, Russia, August 19, 2009, by Detlef Billig

Mil Mi-26

09/30/2010. First hovered on December 14, 1977, the Mi-26 made its first full transition on February 21, 1978. The type established several world records, flown by G. Alfierov, an Mi-26 lifted 55,116 lb (25,000 kg) to 13,451 ft (4,100 m) on February 3, 1982.

Reportedly over 540 examples have been produced, including the Mi-26T freighter (up to 44,092 lb, 20,000 kg, internal or slung, or 82 fully equipped troops); the Mi-26P transport (96 passengers); the Mi-26MS (60 stretchers and 3 attendants); the Mi-26 TZ tanker (3,709 gal, 14,040 l, for ground refueling through 10 hoses); and the Mi-26TM flying crane (with rearwards facing cabin behind the nose wheel).

The Mi-26M is one of the latest developments with upgrade engines and composite rotors, capable of lifting 48,502 lb (22,000 kg).

Created September 30, 2010