No. 10324. Fokker F.27 Mk.0604MPA (U-01 c/n 20321) Royal Netherlands Air Force
Photographed at Hato airport, Curaçao, February 27, 2007, by Detlef Billig

Fokker F.27 Mk.0604MPA

12/31/2010. Produced in 1995 as one of four F.27 Mk.0604 (marketed as a Fokker 60) for the RNethAF, this aircraft was registered to Fokker as PH-UTL on October 27, 1995, ownership was transferred to the RNethAF on April 10, 1996, and the serial U-1 was allotted. The registration was cancelled April 28, 1997.

In 2005, U-01 was one of two F.27 Mk.0604s (the other was U-03 c/n 20327, ex PH-UTP) that were converted to F.27 Mk.0604MPA (often erroneously designated Fokker 60MPA) maritime patrol aircraft, to temporarily replace RNethNavy Lockheed Orions in the Dutch West-Indies for Coast Guard service, till a permanent replacement was found.

In 2008 the aircraft were withdrawn and stored in the Netherlands. Early in 2010 both aircraft were sold to the Peruvian Navy, and they were delivered to Peru in May 2010 under the Peruvian serials AE563 and AE564 respectively.

Created December 31, 2010