No. 10606. Antonov An-2TP (D-FONF c/n 117419) "Colt"
Photographed November 19, 2009, by Detlef Billing

Antonov An-2TP

05/31/2011. Serialed 811, this aircraft was originally produced for the East German LSK/NVA (Luftstreitkräfte der Nationale Volksarmee, National People's Army Air Force) of the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, German Democratic Republic). Registered DDR-SKF this aircraft was transferred on March 30, 1990 to the Agrarflug (agricultural flight) of Interflug.

Formed in 1958 as a charter company, Interflug Gesellschaft für internationalen Flugverkehr m.b.H. (company with limited liability for international flights) became the national airline of the DDR in 1963 and also acted as an umbrella organization for all other commercial aviation activities in the country (agricultural flight, air traffic control, airport operations). It was dissolved in 1991 after the German reunification.

Still wearing its military livery, the aircraft served for only six months with Interflug, as on September 1, 1990, the aircraft was sold to Flugservice & Development, and on the day of the German reunification, October 3, 1990, the aircraft was reregistered D-FONF. Eventually it was acquired by the Luftfahrt-Museum Finowfurt, Germany, and by 2006 it was repainted in a retro Interflug livery, with its former DDR registration prominently displayed, and the official registration in small characters below the tail plane.

Created May 31, 2011