No. 11454. Gumpert G2 (OE-0017) "Schöcklhex"
Photographed at the Technisches Museum, Vienna, Austria, June 20, 2006, by Detlef Billig

Gumpert G2

07/31/2012. The single-seat Gumpert G2 was a development of the Gumpert G1 of 1931. Designed by Bruno Gumpert as a training aircraft, the fuselage had a grid construction to sustain the training stresses. The structural stress calculations were done by Dipl.-Ing. Ludwig Wondrak, and the aircraft was built in 1934 by the Akademische Segelfliegergruppe (an academic group of students with interest in designing, building and flying aircraft) at Graz. With profitable winds flights up to 30 min could be performed at the gliding slope near the Neusiedlersee (Neusiedler Lake).

The name Schöcklhex refers to the mountain Schöckl near Graz. In the seventeenth century people believed that hexes and wizards gathered at this mountain for their feasts.

Created July 31, 2012